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Created : 2017-04-28


Come join us! @ Cryptic Gaming

Looking for : 100 Player(s)
Language : English
Level min : Unranked
Professional team : No
Remuneration : No
Role(s) :


Cryptic Gaming Community!


Hey guys , its mike here from Cryptic Gaming we are a brand new multi-gaming and we are looking for plays like you, We support players of every rank, offer the ability to play in house PUGs against our community with our community and also host giveaways frequently!


What sets us apart?


We care about the gaming experience and our members!


We have dedicated and relaxed staff that will assist you through any problems or worrys you may have.


What if Im looking to play competitive HOTS?


Joining us will help you find teammates of the same skill level that do not offer toxic atitudes as we do not accept flamers , greifers or toxic people into our community!


What if I just want to play HOTS casually and have fun?


We have people just like you who want to play the game and enjoy themselves and just have fun. We accept any people of any rank into our community and that can range from the lowest ranks to the highest.


Why should I join?


It's always annoying when you have to play solo queue matchmaking and get argovated by your teammates , in our community you'll always have someone to play with. Aswell as that we also support other games such as CS:GO , Dota , Overwatch etc.


How to join??


JOIN OUR TEAMSPEAK :  cryptic.stnetwork.me


Follow the threads on our forums : http://cryptic.forum.top


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