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Created : 2016-11-17


Nickname : MegatechGroup Communty is recruiting!
From : United States United States
Age : 7 years
Language : English
Level : Unranked
Role(s) :


MegaTechGroup is a communty for people that play multi-gaming clan/group and competitive players alike. We strive to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere for all of our members. If you looking for a good clan or just if you want to have your friends to play with. And you would like to join our communty Team Speak 3 server. You are welcome to stop by & check it out. Where we have fun when playing games, and If people that would like to communicate with other members on Teamspeak 3 whether its online games, talking with their friends. Sometimes we do have free slots space on our communty teamspeak server for people.
(Ask a admin if there is free slots space)
Our TS3 Host Name: voiceserver.ddns.net

If you want to know about our gaming group can Message us by send us a private Message or stop by
List of games:
Battleline: Steel Warfare
Heroes of the Storm
League of Legends
Counter-strike: Go
Shattered Skies
Riders of Icarus
We do have a other games room
(Game list are subject to change !)

This is a Mature TS Server  
Please take the time and read the " Rules & Guidelines"
Be respectful of other individuals
Speak Type: English !

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